This blog will help all the developers who are new to Dynamics AX with some reusable code snippets

– Dynamics AX 2009 blog

– Dynamics AX 2012 blog


7 Responses to “About”

  1. Basha Says:

    Hello Sreenadh sir, Basha.

    This ishow are you? Please send the reply to mbasha01@gmail.com.

    I am fortunate to know an industrious and intelligent person like you.

    One-n-Only …Basha

  2. b.sai harish kumar Says:

    hi sir,
    i am harish . your site is very very good sir it is very helpful to all ax consultants who are learning and who are searching for any code.and you are doing an awesom job sir…

    i feel proud of you sir
    thank you.

  3. santosh Reddy Says:

    Hi Reddy
    Can u pls help me out in installation of Retail.I have Installed AX 2009.Pls Guide me in finding the Installation Guide
    and Relevant Documents.My mail id is Reddy.ax@gmail.com
    Thank You

  4. Udhay Says:

    Hi sreenath,

    Your articles are really excellent. I really admired about attitude of sharing. Please let me know your mail id. my mail id : udhay_kv@yahoo.com

  5. kishore raja Says:


    you are really excellent in Dynamics….

  6. Hemal Shrimarkar Says:

    hii ,Your article is excellent,the dynamics ax consulting above article is very helpful to us ….
    Thank you so much!!!

  7. Hemal Shrimarkar Says:

    How to grow up your business when your business are working on Dynamics AX then check theseDynamics ax consulting, Thanks again please share with us new information on Microsoft Dynamics AX Integration…

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