Read from Excel using X++ Code (AX7/ D365 for Operations)

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Been long. Hope all is well. Work kept me busy.

Below is the code snippet which will be handy to read the data from excel using code in D365/ax 7

Please note that, in D365 SysExcel* classes have been deprecated.

Use OfficeOpenXML namespace to achieve this. Improvise the below snippet based on your need.

using System.IO;

using OfficeOpenXml;

using OfficeOpenXml.ExcelPackage;

using OfficeOpenXml.ExcelRange;


class SRReadFromExcel_D365


    public static void main(Args _args)


        System.IO.Stream            stream;

        ExcelSpreadsheetName        sheeet;

        FileUploadBuild             fileUpload;

        DialogGroup                 dlgUploadGroup;

        FileUploadBuild             fileUploadBuild;

        FormBuildControl            formBuildControl;

        Dialog                      dialog = new Dialog("Import the data from Excel");


        dlgUploadGroup          = dialog.addGroup("@SYS54759");

        formBuildControl        = dialog.formBuildDesign().control(;

        fileUploadBuild         = formBuildControl.addControlEx(classstr(FileUpload), ‘Upload’);;



        if ( && dialog.closedOk())


            FileUpload fileUploadControl     = dialog.formRun().control(dialog.formRun().controlId(‘Upload’));

            FileUploadTemporaryStorageResult fileUploadResult = fileUploadControl.getFileUploadResult();


            if (fileUploadResult != null && fileUploadResult.getUploadStatus())


                stream = fileUploadResult.openResult();

                using (ExcelPackage Package = new ExcelPackage(stream))


                    int                         rowCount, i;


                    ExcelWorksheet  worksheet   = package.get_Workbook().get_Worksheets().get_Item(1);

                    OfficeOpenXml.ExcelRange    range       = worksheet.Cells;

                    rowCount                  = worksheet.Dimension.End.Row – worksheet.Dimension.Start.Row + 1;


                    for (i = 2; i<= rowCount; i++)


                        info(range.get_Item(i, 1).value);

                        info(range.get_Item(i, 2).value);






                error("Error here");







Happy Dax6ng



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