Display SSRS report based on customer/Vendor specific language [Dynamics AX 2012]


Common requirement is to show the reports in customer’s language [example : Quotations, sales confirmations, invoices, Free text invoices, Return order acknowledgements , Agreements,  Purchase order confirmations etc].

This was easily achievable in Dynamics AX 2009 reports by using

element.design().languageID(custConfirmJour.LanguageId); // language id

Well, how do I achieve the same thing  in AX 2012 SSRS Reports? image

Its simple , we still have one liner code only in AX 2012image

We need to use the controller classes, runPrintMgmt() method or preRunModifyContract() method which changes the contract class before report is run and am leaving this to you based on the requirements.


Below is the screen shot for reference:image


Happy Dax6ng,

Sreenath Reddy

Sreenath Reddy


One Response to “Display SSRS report based on customer/Vendor specific language [Dynamics AX 2012]”

  1. Vikram Reddy Says:

    Hi Sreenath,

    Could you please let me know, which language it is taking.My client is Dutch and i am working on reports.Let me know how do i set Dutch(nl) language.

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