Inventory dimensions as parameters in the SSRS reports – InventDimViewContract class[Dynamics AX 2012]


We all know that inventory dimensions[[Product dimensions, storage dimensions, tracking dimensions] selection is the most commonly asked requirement on SSRS report as parameters.

Let me show what exactly we are trying to achieve in this post. In the below screen shot, we have all the inventory dimensions for selection.

InventDimViewContract class will help you to get this as it contains the inventory dimensions view data contract for SSRS reports. It is general data contract for inventory dimensions. This contract is used for selecting the dimensions to print.

[Please note: This post will only cover how to display these inventory dimensions as parameters on SSRS reports]


Below is the screen shot of InventDimViewContract class which has all inventory dimensions as parm methods.


How to use the above InventDimViewContract class? Well, its very simple.

In your Data provider class use InventDimViewContract class as SRSReportParameterAttribute as shown below.



You can find so many reports which uses this contract class, Refer to class: InventOnHandDP for more details.




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