Easy way of adding Parameter fields , ordering and grouping them from Contract Class on to SSRS report [Dynamics AX 2012]


We all know that RDP[Report data provider] class in AX 2012,  is an X++ class that is used to access and process data for a Reporting Services report on a dataset.

And we have also seen that Contract classes will help to add parameters to any report. In this post, I will quickly walk through how to add parameters and display in the order you would like to see and group them under a group name.

Let me explain with a standard example : Human Resources >> Reports >> Worker resume

Contract class in X++ : HcmWorkerResumeContract

If we open this report, we will see the parameters as shown below. 



Well, the answer is pretty simple:

All the parameters fields are coming from Parm methods from the contract class as shown below


Resume Content and Page Range groups are coming from the Group Attributes defined in the Contract class “Class declaration”


The parameter fields are added to the groups and the order is also mentioned in the contract parm methods as shown below

Consider parmPrintCertificate() method from the contract class:

SysOperationLabelAttribute will help to add label to parameter field

SysOperationHelpTextAttribute will provide the help text for the parameter field

SysOperationGroupMemberAttribute will help the parameter field to be added to the group “Resume content

SysOperationDisplayOrderAttribute will help to order the parameter field, In the below example the order is given as “7” , so you will see this parameter getting added as a 7th field in order in the Resume content Group.

Picture explains below:


That’s it for now.

Happy Dax6ng,

Sreenath Reddy


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