SysFieldBrowser in Dynamics AX [5.0 and 2012]


In my last post, I have tweaked SysTableBrowser to see only those fields that a developer would like to see in the browser.

A thought came to my mind on the field browser which will help the developer to view the selected fields in the browser and I have quickly created this utility.

Interested in knowing how it works ??? Here we go :

Select any fields in the table and invoke Field Browser as shown below:

I have selected ItemId, ItemName and PrimaryVendorId fields from the InventTable

Right click >> Add-Ins >> Field Browser



Below is the Field Browser with the fields and the data . Isn’t it cool ?Smile


Well, this is just a quick one that has been developed. This utility will be improvised to support System Tables, Table Collections, Form Data source very soon.

Interested ones, please drop a message. I will send the XPO.

Happy Dax6ng,

Sreenath Reddy


5 Responses to “SysFieldBrowser in Dynamics AX [5.0 and 2012]”

  1. Paul Says:


    Providing the xpo for download would be highly appreciated. if you could send it via email, would be just great. But for the ease of it, i think it’s best to provide a link so everyone could easily download.

    Best regards,

  2. René Says:


    This looks like a great utility. if you could send the xpo by mail. it would be appreciated.


  3. Shailesh Says:

    Hi Sreenath ,

    Useful development. Please send me an xpo at Thanks in advance

  4. Chinmay Says:


    great utility. if you could send the xpo by mail.

    Best regards,

  5. Pete Says:

    nice! could you send a copy, thanks.

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