SysGlobalObjectCache class in AX 2012 [x++]


There is a new class SysGlobalObjectCache that has been introduced in AX 2012, which will help for Global object caching with the help of scope,  Key and values.

Three important parameters are:

Scope: A string type that specifies the scope or the owner of the cached object.

Key :  A container type that specifies the key to the cached object.

value: A container type that has the object to cache.

Let us work with a class example to help you better understand.

For this post, we will create a class by name SR_CurrentWorkerDetails with a simple public method that will get the current worker

class SR_CurrentWorkerDetails



Create a new public method getCurrentWorker() as shown below.

This method uses scope as “CurrentWorker”, Key as curUserId() and value as “WorkerId” to be cached.

Some important methods:

insert – insert the values in to cache if it’s not already cached/inserted

find – used find method by passing scope and key to get the cached values

remove : sysGlobalObjectCache.remove(scope, key);

In order to clear the cached values based on scope – use

classfactory.globalObjectCache().clear(#CURRENT_WORKER_ID); // scope to be passed as per below example

To clear all caches – we can use

SysGlobalObjectCache::clearAllCaches(); // You can call this method on client/server to clear caches on client or server

Refer to SysFlushAOD class methods to clear caches on client and server:

clearGlobalObjectCaches() – client

clearServerGlobalObjectCaches() – server

public HcmWorkerRecId getCurrentWorker()


    // We can easily get current worker from Global::currentWorker() method as well. Below logic is same.


    SysGlobalObjectCache    sgoc;

    container               result;

    userId                  currentUserId = curUserId(); // Key

    recId                   workerId;

    HcmWorker               hcmWorker;

    DirPersonUser           dirPersonUser;


    // scope



    #DEFINE.Values(workerId) // Caching only Worker Id


    //Try put pull from cache first

    if (classfactory)


        sgoc = classfactory.globalObjectCache();




        // Workaround for SysQueryRangeUtil usage under IL

        // the class factory is not initialized in the interpreter

        // when called from IL.This is OK as the global cache is a kernel

        // singleton

        sgoc =  new SysGlobalObjectCache();


    result = sgoc.find(#CURRENT_WORKER_ID, [currentUserId]); // use scope and key to find the value cached

    if(result != conNull())


        [#Values] = result;

        return workerId;




    //Calculate current worker value

    select firstonly RecId from hcmWorker

        join PersonParty, User from dirPersonUser

            where (hcmWorker.Person == dirPersonUser.PersonParty) &&

            (dirPersonUser.User == currentUserId);


    //Cache current worker value

    workerId = hcmWorker.RecId;

    sgoc.insert(#CURRENT_WORKER_ID, [currentUserId], [#Values]);


    return workerId;



PriceDisc class uses the same concept – to find the prices and discounts in AX 2012. Refer to priceDisc class for more details.

Happy Dax6ng,




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