One click “DEPLOY TO EP” – AX Client forms using Menu items in Dynamics AX 2012


Ax client forms can easily be published to enterprise portal by the new feature from the Menu item >> Deploy to EP.

Let me help with an example:

Create a new List Page by using the template option provided in AX 2012 as shown below and name it as SR_EcoProductListPage as shown below

List page

Change the Name of the newly created list page to SR_EcoProductListPage as shown below.


Now, let us use the query property on the data sources property to get the linked data sources from the query

Right click on the Data sources Node >> properties >> set the query property to ecoResProductListPage as shown below

DS Query

Next, Go to Design Node >> and give the caption, title data source as shown below.


Next, On the grid set the data source as EcoResProduct as shown below.


Drag and drop some fields on to grid from the Data sources >> EcoResProduct. I have dragged and dropped DisplayProductNumber and ProductType fields on to grid as shown below.

Grid fields

Next, we will add this form to the menu items of type display by dragging and dropping the form to the Menu items >> Display

menu item

Right click on the newly created menu item and go its properties and set the label as “SR Product details” as shown below.

menu item label

Wow, we are good to deploy to EP now. All you have to do is Right click on the newly created menu item >> chose option “Deploy to EP” as shown below

deploy to ep

I am going to add this form to Home\sales as shown below and click on Ok button


You should get an info log that your aspx has been successfully deployed as shown below.


Now, lets go to Web node in AOT and check whether it has created a URL type web menu item as shown below.

web menu items

Now lets launch this to Sales quick launch as we have selected Home\Sales earlier.

Go to AOT >> Web node, and expand the Web Menus node.

Then expand EPSalesQuickLaunch >> Common

Drag and drop the SR_EcoProductListPage URL below Return orders as shown below.


return orders

Open the EP Home page > Administration>> Select the option Refresh AOD as shown below


Go to Sales Menu/Tab and you will find SR Product details in the quick launch menu as shown below

sr product details

This is just an example of how to deploy to EP forms from AX. Please don’t get in to functionalities or business process as the above form is just a sample example without any functionality.

Happy Dax6ng,



2 Responses to “One click “DEPLOY TO EP” – AX Client forms using Menu items in Dynamics AX 2012”

  1. gangadhar Says:


    I want to duplicate a existing standard details form and add two new fields in the webpart of the

    details form

    The details form has a webpart in the body and few factboxes in the right column similar to Ax details


    For this i have done the following

    1. I have duplicated the webcontrol and added the two new fields and deployed it. It created a URL and

    a pagedefinition

    2. I have created a new menuitem(display) and pointed the new URL to it ( for the property WebMenuItem)

    3. I have replaced the new menuitem at the place where we will be opening the details form ( for the

    property MenuItemName /HyperlinkMenuItem)

    But when i try to open this new details form in ep, i can only see the webpart with two new fields

    updated but not the factboxes in the right column

    and even in the title i cannot see the record information

    I tried to edit the new web page and add the factboxes webpart in the page but the page has only option

    to add in left column so i couldnt add in the right column

    Can you let me know if iam missing anything to get the action panes and record information in the

    title ?

    Thanks in Advance

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