Cheque customizations in Dynamics AX 2012 – SSRS, expressions in SSRS reports


Today , let us learn how to customize cheque formats in AX 2012. As you know that all MorphX reports has been moved to SSRS, it is essential to know how to customize the SSRS reports to meet the customer requirements.

I am going to customize Cheque_US format as an example. [I hope you all know how to generate payments AR/AP >> Journals >> Payment Journals >> Lines >> Functions >> Generate payments]

Below is the sample Cheque which I am trying to customize. I just want to replace US Dollars string to Dollars and deploy back.


Now, Go to AOT\Visual Studio Projects\Dynamics AX Model Projects\Check_US_Report

Right click and chose Edit as shown below


It opens up the report in visual studio as shown below

visual studio

Expand the designs node >> report >> and select option “Edit using Designer” as shown below


Edit using designer

In the design mode, Select the control CurrenyTxt >> right click and chose PlaceHolder properties as shown below

Place holder properties

In the Properties form >> select the expressions button as shown below

Expressions button

In the Category >> Common functions >> select Text and you will find the list of functions which we can use on string controls.Select replace option as I am going to find the string “US Dollar” and replace it with “Dollar”. I have highlighted how to use the replace expression in the below screen shot.


Use the replace expression/function as show below and click on Ok Button. Click again on Ok button on the previously opened

placeholder properties form.

 replace function

We are almost done, next thing is to save the changes to AOT. Go to Solution explorer,Select Cheque_USReport >> right click >>

Add Cheque_USReport to AOT as shown below.

save to AOT

You should get the successful message in the output window that the changes has been updated to AOT as shown below.

deployed to aot

Close the Visual studio, Open AX Client, Ctrl + D , Go to AOT >> SSRS Reports >> Reports >> Cheque_US. You should see that the object has been modified in the usr layer.



Now, right click on the Cheque_US report and chose Deploy element as shown below

deploy element

You should get a successful info log of the report deployment as shown below.


Now generate the payments and see the end result. you will find that “US Dollar” has been replaced with “Dollar”. This is just a sample example to show how to use expressions and customize the standard Cheque’s. Do not look in to functional aspects. 🙂

us dollar replaced

That’s all for now.

Happy Dax6ng,



3 Responses to “Cheque customizations in Dynamics AX 2012 – SSRS, expressions in SSRS reports”

  1. vijaya Says:

    When i am trying to generate a check using the abouve steps i am getting this error:

    Buffer for call of SRSTmpTblMarshaller::deleteTmpTblData is not specified.
    (S)\Classes\Info\add – line 94
    (S)\Classes\Global\error – line 3
    (S)\Classes\SRSTmpTblMarshaller\deleteTmpTblData – line 33
    (S)\Classes\ChequeDP\initTmpChequePrintout – line 9
    (S)\Classes\ChequeDP\processReport – line 13
    (S)\Classes\SrsReportProviderQueryBuilder\initialize – line 57

    what might be the reason for this?
    i would be very thankfull if you solve my problem.

  2. Says:

    So, how do you copy that US check to make an alternate format? I need to make a few check formats and can’t find how to copy one as a starting point.

    • Andy Says:

      I’ve successfully made a copy of the US cheque format and deployed it… now how do I get it to show up in the selection list of formats?

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