Free Text Invoices allows to add Qty and unit price in Dynamics AX 2012


Free Text Invoice in AX 2012 is enhanced to add quantity and unit price. I remember for most of the clients we have added/customized these fields. But, during the upgrade to AX 2012, we probably need to help the clients with the new feature in AX2012 [Ofcourse, bringing data will be tricky]

Path >> AR >> Common >> Free Text Invoices >> All Free Text invoices. Create a header and Journal Line as shown below.

On the Action Pane, click Free text invoice.
– In the Customer account, select customer 1103
– Go to Invoice lines > Description, enter Installation and configuration.
– Select Main Account as 401190.
– Enter Quantity as 3
– Enter Unit Price as 500

Below is the screen shot for reference.

Save the record and click on the post button on the Action pane.

I see an important tab on the Lines called Distrubute amount. This will help to distribute the amount across multiple financial dimensions. [Help from MS docs]. Will post another entry in detail to explain the same.

Happy Dax6ng,


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