Free Text Invoices allows to add Qty and unit price in Dynamics AX 2012


Free Text Invoice in AX 2012 is enhanced to add quantity and unit price. I remember for most of the clients we have added/customized these fields. But, during the upgrade to AX 2012, we probably need to help the clients with the new feature in AX2012 [Ofcourse, bringing data will be tricky]

Path >> AR >> Common >> Free Text Invoices >> All Free Text invoices. Create a header and Journal Line as shown below.

On the Action Pane, click Free text invoice.
– In the Customer account, select customer 1103
– Go to Invoice lines > Description, enter Installation and configuration.
– Select Main Account as 401190.
– Enter Quantity as 3
– Enter Unit Price as 500

Below is the screen shot for reference.

Save the record and click on the post button on the Action pane.

I see an important tab on the Lines called Distrubute amount. This will help to distribute the amount across multiple financial dimensions. [Help from MS docs]. Will post another entry in detail to explain the same.

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Process Industries RU7- BUP Layer upgrade Dynamics AX 5.0 [Rollup7 -BUP layer]


If the customer installation has a hotfix Roll-up(RU) lower than AX2009 SP1 RU7 , then the environment needs to be upgraded to AX2009 SP1 RU7

You can download the same from the following link. [Requires partnersource login]
Please note: For Rollup-7 download the KB article number 2573878
from the list of KB articles in the below link.

Click here to download

More details about process Industries:

Process Industries for Microsoft Dynamics® AX provides different BUS layer solutions to support each GLS layer of the base product. For example, PI 3.1 that is released on Microsoft Dynamics® AX 2009 Service Pack 1 has 4 versions of BUS layers compatible with SYS, GLS-TR, GLS-CONS and GLS-EE layers. Due to this architecture, each BUS layer requires an associ ated BUP layer for servicing the solution. Each BUP layer provides fixes for a list of customer-reported issues as well as code resolutions against the baseline rollup that the BUP layer is built upon. Process Industries is not supported on GLS-IL and there are no plans for support for PI on GLS-IL in the future

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Deactivating configuration key will not affect the table any more [Dynamica AX 2012]


In DAX 2009 or earlier versions, deactivating a configuration key affected a table in Microsoft Dynamics AX and the associated table was removed from the underlying Microsoft SQL Server database.

In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, the associated tables are not removed from the database. Instead, the tables are deactivated in the system, which means that they are treated as empty tables. However, the deactivated tables and their data are still fully available in the underlying database.


EDT Relation Migration Tool [Dynamics AX 2012]


In AX 2009, We all know that Table relations were defined only through EDTs and this was a problem if multiple relations were needed between tables, or if relations involved composite keys.

In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, relations can no longer be created under extended data type (EDT) nodes in the Application Object Tree (AOT). Relations that are defined under EDT nodes are still effective, but in a future release they will be obsolete and deleted.

The EDT relation migration tool helps you move relations from EDT nodes to table nodes. The EDT relation migration tool is found on the client menu, under Tools > Code upgrade > EDT relation migration tool.

For more information : click here.

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