Temporary property replaced with TempType property on Tables in Dynamics AX 2012


Just for your information: Temporary property in Dynamics AX 6.0 has been replaced with tempType property and we can select from 3 categories. Naming convention of table still remains the same : Tmp prefix followed by your tableName.

1) Regular – means permanent Tables
2) InMemory – same as Temporary table concept in 5.0 , data getting saved to either client or server in the file system . An InMemory table is held in memory until its size reaches 128 KB. The dataset is then written to a disk file on the server tier. The disk file for an InMemory table has the naming convention $tmp.$$$.

Note: we cannot join this table with regular table while querying.
3) TempDB : Only processes that run on the server tier can instantiate TempDB tables.

[Below is the Online developer help]
All types of temporary tables are automatically dropped by the system when the table variable in X++ goes out of scope. A TempDB table is not dropped when you set its record buffer variable to null
Note: we can join TempDB table to a regular table to perform multi-row operations in a single call.

Life span:

A TempDB table is instantiated in the underlying database management system when the first SQL operation is sent to the database system from the AOS. The SQL operation can be either select, insert, update, or delete.

The following table describes the situations that cause a TempDB table to be dropped

1. Variable goes out of scope.
2. Restart of the AOS.
3. Restart of the database system.
4. Closure of the AX32.exe client.
5. Online Users form. [The Online Users form can be used to end any Microsoft Dynamics AX session that is associated with TempDB tables that have not been dropped automatically]


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  1. T A S K Kumar Says:

    Thank you for the valuable information you provided throughout your posts Sir. Hope the same from you in coming days. If possible, please provide some functional kind of stuff and some critical scenarios in your posts for the reference of freshers.

    Thank you.

  2. Alex Says:

    where we write code for When the user selects post Confirmation, first open the standard form, then i want to display Box .

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