On dialogs – SysLookupMultiSelectCtrl in Dynamics AX 2012

This post is in continuation of my old post which helped to use SysLookUpMultiSelectCtrl class on Forms.
The below class will help you to implement the same in the dialogs [Used Runbase framework]. Please note I have used the same query [CustTableLookUp] which I used in my last post.

Please follow the class and its methods as shown below.

public class SR_LookupMultiSelectDialog extends RunBase
DialogRunbase dialog;
DialogGroup dialogGrp;

FormBuildStringControl fbsCtrlMultiSelect1;
FormStringControl fsCtrlMultiSelect1;

container returnIds1;

SysLookupMultiSelectCtrl msCtrl1;
public ClassDescription caption()
return ‘Multiple select lookup on dialog’;
// Generate dialog
public Object dialog()
FormBuildControl setupGroupControl;

dialog = super();

dialogGrp = dialog.addGroup(‘Group’);

setupGroupControl = dialog.formBuildDesign().control(dialogGrp.formBuildGroup().id());

// Control with the MULTI-SELECT
fbsCtrlMultiSelect1 = setupGroupControl.addControl(FormControlType::String, identifierstr(ctrlRoles1));
fbsCtrlMultiSelect1.label(‘Select multiple customers’);



return dialog;


public void dialogPostRun(DialogRunbase _dialog)
FormRun formRun;


formRun = _dialog.dialogForm().formRun();

if (formRun)
fsCtrlMultiSelect1 = formRun.design().control(fbsCtrlMultiSelect1.id());
msCtrl1 = SysLookupMultiSelectCtrl::construct(formRun, fsCtrlMultiSelect1, querystr(CustTableLookUp));


// Get input values
public boolean getFromDialog()

// Return Ids from the 1st mutli-select control
if (msCtrl1)
returnIds1 = msCtrl1.get();

info(‘Control 1 – ‘ + con2StrUnlimited(returnIds1,#SEMICOLON));

return true;

static void main(Args _args)
SR_LookupMultiSelectDialog SR_LookupMultiSelectDialog = new SR_LookupMultiSelectDialog();

if (SR_LookupMultiSelectDialog.prompt())

Below is the dialog [Screen shot for reference ] which will allow to select multiple values from the lookup

Please refer to Tutorial_LookUpMultiSelectDialog for more detailed example.

Happy Dax 6ng


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