Container to selectMultiple List using X++ [Dynamics AX]

Hey, If we have a container and want to provide user an option of selecting the values from the container, use selectmultiple function available in Global class.

Here is how the selectMultiple list form looks like

Below example has all the part numbers in the container which will be displayed in the list. Based on the user selection, we can go ahead and use the values.

static void selectMultiple(Args _args)
container list;
boolean ok;
int i;
InventTable inventTable;
Map Map = new Map(Types::Integer, Types::String);
int j;
while select inventTable
list += [SysListSelect::packChoice(inventTable.ItemId, j ,false)];
Map.insert(j, inventTable.ItemId);

if (conlen(list) >0)
[ok,list] = selectMultiple(“List of items”,”Select multiple items”,list,[‘Item numbers’]);
if (ok && conlen(list)>0)
setprefix(“Selected items are shown below”);
for (i=1; i<= conlen(list) ; i++)

Hope this code is useful some day!! 🙂


3 Responses to “Container to selectMultiple List using X++ [Dynamics AX]”

  1. ahmedmuhammadalam Says:


    I am using two form first form has grid which will show the data according to the selected account number from second form. By using CustTable.

    Can you please help me for that by display code.

  2. آپلود سنتر 468 Says:

    May be your best blog I have read!!

  3. Video Capture Card Says:

    Remarkably well executed post!!

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